Why my phone is my best friend

I don’t have people in my immediate orbit with whom I can actually do stuff.  They live too far away.  They have a lot of family demands.  They have no money.  They don’t like to spend money.  They don’t like to experiment.  I also don’t have that husband.  I mean, I have one, but he and I diverge on food and entertainment.  Scene set.

For years, I waited until my son had time to venture forth…actually he is THAT friend.  Anyway…I sat.  I waited.  I went out on my own a few times, but I was so uncomfortable…playing with the silverware…smiling mindlessly at every passing server…pretending to be hypnotized by the far wall, or,striking what I thought might be a pensive pose.  By the time my food arrived, all I wanted to do was bolt.  I ate, this time pretending to be having some sort of transcendental culinary experience, until I could finally get out of the place.

All that changed with my phone.  No more waiting.  I go.  I take pictures.  I eat in all kinds of new places and visit new stores.  I take more pictures.  In restaurants, I carry on multiple conversations and thoroughly enjoy being engaged.  That far wall was a real drag.  I eat at a leisurely pace.  I enjoy whatever venue I happen to be in.  I smile purposefully – not mindlessly.  I have been liberated!  I am no longer alone.

Thank you, my darling phone!